Aleece Fosnight

Aleece Fosnight, MSPAS, PA-C, CSC, CSE

It was my privilege to meet Aleece Fosnight at the University of Michigan, as we were cohort members in the Sexual Health Certificate Program. While our program was comprised of members with extensive experience, Aleece was the GO-TO medical resource. She has a way of explaining more complicated subjects for non-medical providers and patients that allow them to understand. She was and continues to be an excellent resource. Aleece is empathetic and genuine in her interactions. She is skilled at assessment, thoughtfully identifies treatment goals, and creates a thorough plan for her patients, and she does this all in a very approachable way. I am fortunate to know her!
— Jennifer Valli, AASECT Sex Therapist, Instructor, University of Tennessee Health Science Center
I first encountered Aleece Fosnight when she gave a lecture about male genitourinary case studies to my Physician Assistant class at Wake Forest. Within minutes of the start of the lecture I was captivated by her enthusiasm, breadth of knowledge and passion for patient centered care. Following the lecture, I reached out to Aleece to ask if I could spend one of my four-week clinical rotations learning from her in Brevard, NC. Thankfully all scheduling and logistics worked out and I was able to learn from Aleece day in and day out in the clinic and the operating room. I was consistently impressed by Aleece’s ability to explain difficult concepts, develop patient centered treatment plans and most importantly listen to her patients. Aleece’s expertise goes far beyond urology as I got exposed to sexual medicine, transgender medicine and gynecology during my rotation. My experience with Aleece will definitely shape how I care for patients in the future and I am extremely fortunate that I had the chance to learn from her!
— Julia Fuster, PA-S, Wake Forest University Physician Assistant Program
Aleece helped me get my libido back! I’m having the best sex of my life! She listened to me and validated my sexual health concern. Thank you!
— Anonymous female patient, Pisgah Urology, Brevard, NC